Urbane ideje offer a wide spectrum of engineering and consulting services. Through primary planning activities, expert supervision, quality control and consulting services, both via our own as well as trusted and reliable expert associates, the company engages in completion processes of all types of project documentation, complete services of expert supervision over construction, quality control and inspection of construction products and technological processes, all types of expert and legal consulting, project management and other engineering services.

Urbane ideje can meet all investor demands by relying on its team of certified architects. Our knowledge and skills cover all phases of project development, going from idea to execution by preparing all types of project documents (ideas, main and execution projects, 3D visualizations, masterplans…).

We complete construction projects and structure restoration projects, we offer expert supervision and project management services, carry out research tasks and tests of materials and constructions while a number of trusted associates enable us to cover the complete scope of expert projects in the sphere of construction (structures, water and sewage networks, mechanical installations, construction physics, roads, project revisions and all types of studies) required to construct all sections of structures.

Urbane ideje cover the entire spectrum of project documentation in the electro-energetics domain including low voltage (heavy current: power grid [public networks, electrical generating units, UPS] – switch cabinets, electric installations for engineering projects and water and sewage networks, lighting, grounding and potential equalization, thunder protection systems; light current: telephone installations, multimedia systems, network systems, communication systems, fire alarm systems, gas level notification systems, radio and TV systems) and high voltage (substations, 10 kV, 35 kV, 110 kV…).

All geodetic services from surveying, parcelling, completion of geodetic projects and all other geodetic studies, as well as the complete range of 3D models of terrains and all types of buildings.